Visa and Travel Info

Are you travelling from outside Kenya?

It is the delegate’s own responsibility to obtain a visa for Kenya. The information provided herein acts only as guidance. A valid passport, not expiring for at least six months from the date of arrival is required for entry into Kenya. A valid entry visa is also required for most countries and may be obtained in advance from the Kenyan Embassy/High Commission in your country of residence or in a neighboring country. In the absence of either, then certain Embassies of other countries generally represent Kenya in the issuance of visas.

If you require a visa to enter the Republic of Kenya, SAIMUN is able to issue an invitation letter for you. Invitation letters shall only be issued to those delegates who have completed their registration process and paid their fees in full.

Please note that it is delegate's responsibility to assert their visa status, and ensure that they apply sufficiently early. SAIMUN will not refund fees paid by delegates who fail to obtain visas. For this reason, we encourage you to register for SAIMUN as soon as possible.

To obtain a visa letter from SAIMUN:

Register and pay your fees. Email requesting the Visa letter.
Please attach a scanned copy of your passport photo page.

Visas can also be obtained upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi for certain countries at a cost of USD 50 or its equivalent in Euros or Kenya shillings.

For more information regarding visas please visit the link below.
If you require proof of participation to obtain leave from school or university for SAIMUN, we can provide you with a letter confirming your attendance to the conference. For this email and place ‘Confirmation of Participation Letter’ in the subject line. Please note we will only issue such letters after you have registered and paid your fees.
If you require an invoice for administrative purposes before payment of your fee can be made, please contact

We have partnered with KINGFISHER CASA HOTEL in WESTLANDS SUBURB IN NAIROBI to provide affordable, safe and high-quality accommodation for all delegates and advisors who shall require accommodation during the conference week. (Sunday 5th night to Saturday 11th night in July 2020). Hotel check out is before 10:00am on Sunday morning for all delegates and advisors.

The accommodation fees shall be paid together with the conference fees. Kindly note that all transfer charges are to be borne by the remitter.



Please note that dinners aren’t covered, and the Advisors should help and arrange with the students where to get dinner. IBIS Hotel has a restaurant both on the ground floor and at the rooftop. There several diners within a walking distance from the Hotel.
Jumia Food Kenya. All types of restaurants available online, inclusive of delivery fee,
KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Free delivery.,+254 722 532 532
Steers Burgers, Burgers, Free delivery +254 708 783 377
Pizza Inn Kenya Pizza, Free delivery +254 723 390 317

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is mandatory for travellers coming from countries where yellow fever may occur. Immunization against yellow fever is recommended for travellers from other countries. Malaria risk exists throughout the year in Kenya, though there is little risk in Nairobi and the highlands therefore it is advised that you take precautions while travelling out of these areas.

Any medical costs incurred during the stay in Kenya shall be borne by the delegates directly. It is therefore strongly recommended that the participants arrange for their own travel insurance.

United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) and the Kenyan Organisers are working closely together to ensure that all precautionary measures are taken for delegates’ safety and security. Participants are, however, personally responsible for their movements during their duration in Kenya especially outside the Conference venue and the Hotel.

May /June/July tends to be among the coolest months in Nairobi with short rains if one goes by precedence. The average temperature is 22°C but can drop to 10°C, especially at night. It would be advisable to carry a few warm clothes and an umbrella.

This is 240 Volts. Kindly note that Kenya uses the 13A 3 pin wall switch socket outlet.

The official languages of the Republic of Kenya are English and Swahili.

The official currency of the Republic of Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (KES). The current exchange rates are: 1 US Dollar = KES 103. 1 EUR = KES110. Please note that this foreign exchange rate is subject to change. Foreign currency can be changed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, banks, foreign currency Exchange Bureaus or hotels. The accommodation hotel also offers forex exchange services at the reception desk. As always, if there are any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the coordination team at

We look forward to hosting you for our 2018 Conference.