The Sub-Saharan International Model United Nations (SAIMUN), would like to officially invite your high school to attend the Rome MUN Conference at Sheraton Parco De Medici, Rome, Italy from 5th to 12th March 2020.

Model UNs are programs geared towards teaching students the work of the United Nations. Student participants act as delegates of the Member States in all our conferences as they replicate the debates and discussions held within actual United Nations committees.

The goal of this experience-based program is to find common and effective solutions on the current global topics which are later submitted to the United Nations as the voice of the youth, as well as provide youth with an opportunity to contribute to the solving of this problems and most importantly to develop the young people to become exceptional citizens of the world.

Furthermore the students gain various skills through the various activities they have to engage in throughout the conference to name a few public speaking, drafting of official documents, team work, solution oriented, research skills and working in an international environment.
Please refer to the documents below regarding participation in the conference.

ICF and Rome MUN 2020 Terms and Conditions
ICF 2020 - COVID-19 Outbreak Update
SAIMUN 2020 Coronavirus Memo

Please reach out to applications@saimun .net for any further questions.