Mock Debate 24 April 2021

Here's a sneak peek as to what goes on during an MUN debate.

For more information, here's a comprehensive MUN guide that you can read through to learn the specifics of how debate takes place and your requirements as a delegate before the conference.
Also, please note, the Sub Saharan International Model United Nations (SAIMUN), expects all delegates to produce position papers on the topics to be debated in their committee.

A position paper is a brief document that outlines your country’s views on the issues at hand and recommends some policy responses to tackle the problem. Producing this paper will help you perform structured research on your country and topics, ensuring that you are better informed to participate actively and insightfully during debate. All delegates will be given access to each other’s’ papers, enabling you to identify which countries hold what views.

The deadline to submit position papers is Thursday 1st July 2021. Failure to meet this deadline will render you ineligible for all awards. The best position paper in a committee, demonstrating a profound understanding of one’s country represented and the topics discussed, will also be recognized with a Best Position Paper award.

You should write one separate paper for each topic debated in your committee, and none should be over 500 words. Position Papers are to be uploaded in the public dropbox of your committee, where you will also be able to view the papers of other delegates. You may request committee directors to provide feedback on your work, which may be offered at their discretion.

Please upload your paper in the following format: [Country]_[Forename].[Surname].pdf

Any queries can be directed to your committee chairs or