Here's the most asked questions


1Is MUN experience required?
No. Everyone can apply, experience is not required.
2I have a Bachelor degree but I do neither study nor work. Am I eligible as a delegate?
3I am a Postgraduate student. Am I eligible as a delegate?
4I have a high school diploma but I do not attend university, am I eligible for the conference?
Yes, but you need to be at least 15.
5Is there any selection test that I need to pass?
No, everyone is welcome!
6Is any English Proficiency certificate needed?
No, but make sure you can enjoy an entire week full of negotiations and be able to make new friends entirely in English. It can also be an opportunity to improve your English speaking skills.
7Do you need a University enrollment certificate?
No, because it’s not necessary to be enrolled in the University.
8Is it necessary to have a degree in a particular area?
No, everybody is welcome.
9Which age range comes into consideration in terms of application?
The age of a candidate should be between 15 and 30.


1Can I represent my own country?
Generally, no. Our aim is to help you broaden your horizons and discover new cultures, therefore we will assign countries different from your own.
2What are the differences between the positions offered?
A ​delegate​ is someone acting as a representative of a member state or observer. ​Member states​ enjoy full rights, whereas ​observers (countries that are not UN-member states or that do not have a seat in the committee, and organisations at several levels) can participate in debates, but only vote on procedural matters. Chairs lead debate in committees and ensure topics are fully covered and delegates adhere to the Rules of Procedures.The SAIMUN Press Team is comprised of ​journalists​. They will report on the events of the conference, and while they may be present during debate, they shall not take part in it.
3When will I get further info about the conference?
As soon as we receive the payment receipt and we assign you a country/committee, you’ll be contacted by your Chairs. They will help you going through the procedure.
4What is a Position paper? When is the deadline?
Check the MUN Preparation page. Your Chairs will be in contact with you to explain everything and give you a deadline. Don’t hesitate to contact them for any further problem you may encounter.
5When will we get our committee and country assignments?
Position assignments are sent to you after we have received and processed the total amount owed in registration fees. Please note that the sooner the payment is made, the more likely it is for you or your delegation to receive its position preferences.
6How are position assignments given out?
Positions are assigned on a first come, first served basis: the earlier we receive the total amount of you or your school's total fees, the more likely they are to receive their requested positions. Crisis Committees: We will not place more than one delegate from a delegation in the crisis committee. Due to the small sizes of crisis committees, this provides students from every delegation with the opportunity to compete in the committee of their choice. General Assembly Committees: Delegations will receive positions from a minimum of countries, if at all possible. This means that delegations will likely represent just a few countries with positions in many different committees.
7When are the registration fees due?
Early bird registration runs from February 1st to February 28th 2018. Please note, in order to receive the early bird discount, you must register AND pay within the month of February. Your registration alone does not qualify you for the discount. Normal registration runs from March 1st to April 30th 2018.


1Is the payment refundable?
2Do you provide any scholarship to cover conference expenses?
3Are transportation, accommodation and other expenses covered by the conference?
Please check the Registration Terms and Conditions page.